Different Types of Addiction

One night my husband was browsing on the Internet and came across a site that has clips on strange addictions. To my surprise, these addictions were very weird to say the least. My heart went out to them as I watched their stories unfold. People with different types of addictions all have hidden emotional scars rooted from childhood. Many of them all attest the divorce of their parents created these addictions. Some have been molested or lost a loved one early. There are few that lost a spouse and started an addiction to fill the void. The stories I am going to share here are all public record.

This first story is from a young lady who came from a broken home. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Mentally she haven’t resolved this loss. It stuck with her all the way into her adulthood. This addiction would make anyone worry. She eats couch cushions all day every day literally. Most people smoke cigarettes, drink, smoke, gamble, shop, or do drugs, but eating couch cushions was crazy for me to conceive. Luckily for her, she is one hundred percent healthy in her body. However, she needs mental evaluations to become healed from that addiction.

Second story is from an older woman who suffered the divorce of her parents as well. Her addiction is eating comet cleanser. She said she loves the way it feels in her mouth. This completely turned my stomach. Surprisingly, she too is healthy in her body. Her teeth completely rotted out and she had inflamed gums. Her mouth looked like the mouthpieces athletes used in their sports.

Third story is from an older man who lost his wife. They were a lovely couple. He loved his wife. She died in an accident that took her suddenly. Since then he hasn’t completely recovered from his grief. They owned a farm that was absolutely beautiful when they both ran it. His addiction was collecting rodents as pets. It started with a couple of them to well over a thousand. These rodents completely destroyed his home. But he was their caretaker. He would wash, feed, and sleep with them. He stopped sleeping with them because they would bite his face, ears, and hair. Eventually the animal shelter removed all of them from the home and he finally grieved his wife’s passing.

Another type of addiction that surprised me was pornography. I had no idea that people could actually be addicted to things of a sexual nature. Apparently there are millions of people in the World that struggle with porn. I even came across a site that helps people overcome porn addiction.

Word to everyone reading this article, don’t let life situations cause you to partake in these different types of addictions.

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